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New York Road Runners build their Playbook

Just because you know how to run does not mean you know how to share that knowledge. That’s where PLAYBuilder comes in. New York Road Runners is one of the first organizations to embrace the new app, which gives coaches access to lesson plans, exercises and games they can incorporate into their practices. And they’ve…
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Adapted PLAY

Everyone has the potential to be physically literate, including people with disabilities. That’s why Sport for Life has developed the Adapted PLAY assessment, in which a trained professional can assess a child’s level of physical literacy. Developed by physical activity experts, the assessment takes the learner through 5 fundamental movement tasks, which can be completed…
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Inclusive Physical Literacy Workshop in Winnipeg

Healthy relationships are critical to childhood development, but studies show that over half of children with disabilities have no close friends. That’s why Sport for Life has developed Physical Literacy 501, a workshop with a distinct focus on inclusion. “We believe that every child should have the opportunity to play and make friends,” says Andrea…
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Sport for Life and Brock University mobilize academic sport management research

[caption id="attachment_11929" align="alignleft" width="500"] Centre for Sport Capacity members are from left to right (front) Kirsty Spence, Shannon Kerwin, Julie Stevens, Laura Cousens; (back) Pat Reid, Cole McClean, Ryan Clutterbuck, Nick Burton.[/caption] Historically, there has been a divide between what happens in the corridors of academia and the reality of what goes on in the…
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Sport for Life Leaders School transforms West Van Field Hockey Club

There are more than 1600 athletes registered in the West Vancouver Field Hockey Club’s Spring League program, and none of them are getting cut from their teams. With a focus on developing skills and having fun, this organization has decided to side-step the traditionally competitive elements of their sport to make sure everyone is included.…
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Scandinavian countries take lead from Canadian athlete development

Scandinavian countries may seem to have an edge over Canada when it comes to athlete development, but the fact is they’re often relying on our expertise. In a recent interview, Sport for Life expert André Lachance took journalist Martin Leclerc through how exactly that came to be. "Many of the improvements in Scandinavian sports systems…
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