Community Workshops

Our Physical Literacy Workshops are designed for local recreation leaders, volunteer and professional coaches, educators, health care professionals and parents, while our Becoming a Sport for Life Community may expand upon this list to include local government representatives, supervisors and decision makers in the areas of health, education, recreation, sport and more!

Cost for full-day workshop: $900 (+ tax & expenses)

Cost for half-day workshop: $600 (+ tax & expenses)

*The Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway Workshop and the Aboriginal Communities: Active for Life Workshop are $1500 (+ tax & expenses) as they both require 2 facilitators.

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Workshop Topics


An Introduction to Sport for Life (half day)

This workshop will provide you with background on the 10 Key Factors behind Long-Term Athlete Development, the 10 S’s of training and performance, and the seven stages of Long-Term Athlete Development.

Becoming a Sport for Life Community (full-day)

The community is the first place everyone experiences physical activity and sport. Sport for Life provides the framework to ensure these experiences are positive and sets the stage for a lifelong relationship with physical activity.

Physical Literacy 101: An Introduction to Physical Literacy (half-day)

The goal of the Physical Literacy 101 Workshop is to cover a broad introduction to the concept of physical literacy. During this half-day workshop, you will take part in an interactive session that will help you to define what exactly physical literacy means, and how you can integrate its concepts to improve your programs.

Physical Literacy 201: Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth (half-day)

This workshop will provide participants with the ability to execute, score and interpret the physical literacy assessment for youth (PLAY) tools in a sport specific setting. The session includes an update on physical literacy trends, which highlight potential roles for sport associations.

Physical Literacy 301: Creating a Quality Physical Literacy Experience (half-day)

Participants will learn how to incorporate physical literacy enriched activities into a variety of indoor or outdoor settings. The activities can be easily implemented by a coach, physical educator or generalist teacher, recreation leader or parent.

Physical Literacy 501: Inclusive Physical Literacy (half-day)

Physical Literacy 501 will help participants to understand the importance of physical literacy development for participants with disabilities. This workshop will take participants through what universally accessible programs are and how to plan and create them.

Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway (full-day)

The Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway workshop is designed to help sport and physical activity organizations across Canada enhance their understanding about how to support Aboriginal participants and athletes in their programming.

Aboriginal Communities: Active for Life (full day)

This culturally tailored resource and accompanying full-day workshop has been developed by Sport for Life and the Aboriginal Sport Circle, with input from many Aboriginal sport and physical activity leaders across the country.