Leaders School

Sport for Life Leaders School is entering its seventh year in 2019, and has proven to be a catalyst for learning, growth, and the creation of exciting new projects. The concept is simple: support the personal learning and development of community leaders as they integrate Sport for Life, Long-Term Athlete Development, and Physical Literacy into their communities.

Over a one year span, Sport for Life Leaders School participants will plan, launch, and lead individual community projects, guided, and mentored by members of the Sport for Life team. Each month, Sport for Life Leaders School will convene for an online seminar conducted by leading Canadian sport and community development experts. Participants will take the opportunity to discuss, share, and explore ideas and progress on their projects. At the end of the year, the record of each project will become a new contribution to the knowledge of how to advance Sport for Life.

Seminar Content

Seminars will present a range of topics of interest to community sport and physical activity leaders. The content will be based on physical literacy, Sport for Life Long-Term Athlete Development Framework, and community development, with a focus on implications for community sport and practical implementation. Some 2018 seminars included:

1. How Change Happens in Organizations 2. A Community Approach to Physical Literacy
3. Foundations of Physical Literacy 4. Aligning Canadian Sport
5. Sport for Inclusion and Development 6. The Future of Sport for Life

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Bob Bearpark Foundation Scholarship

The Bearpark Foundation approved two scholarships to support two participants to take part in the Sport for Life Society Leader’s School in the amount of $425 per person. All applicants must follow the Sport for Life Leaders School application process. To be eligible to apply for the Bob Bearpark Foundation Scholarship, you must meet these criteria:

  1. Be a resident of British Columbia.
  2. Face barriers to access e.g. geographic (live or work in remote or isolated communities), identify as Aboriginal, be person with a disability, or live with financial hardship).
  3. Coach sport(s) at the community level and/or be in a position to enhance coaching or coaching education within your community in a chosen sport.

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Who can apply?

The Sport for Life Leaders School is open to anyone with the desire and ability to become a Sport for Life Leader and make an ongoing contribution to the Canadian Sport for Life Movement. Applicants present a resume and a brief but detailed overview of the proposed project. The Sport for Life Leaders School participant is the leader of the project in the community, and they, either independently or with the support of sponsoring community organizations, provides resources to complete the project. Applications will be assessed based on the quality of the proposed community project, the background of the applicant, and his or her capacity to carry out the project and participate fully in Sport for Life Leaders School activities.

Applications for the 2019 Sport for Life Leaders School are open! Click here to register.