Long-Term Athlete Development Workshops

Our Long-Term Athlete Development Workshops are designed for coaches, National Sport Organizations (NSOs) & Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations Leaders, members of the health, recreation or education sectors and more!

Cost for full-day workshop: $900 (+ tax & expenses)

Cost for half-day workshop: $600 (+ tax & expenses)

*The Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway Workshop is $1500 (+ tax & expenses) as it requires 2 facilitators.

To book a workshop please fill out this form or contact us at mik@sportforlife.ca


Workshops Topics


Long-Term Athlete Development: An Introduction (half day)

This workshop will provide you with background on the 10 Key Factors behind Long-Term Athlete Development, the 10 S’s of training and performance, and the seven stages of Long-Term Athlete Development.

Periodization (half day)

Simply put, periodization is time management. Participants in this workshop will be introduced to the principles of contemporary periodization.

Competition and Restructuring for Sport Organizations - An Introduction (half-day)

Participants will be introduced to reasoning as to why competition restructuring is important for athlete development.

Competition Review & Restructuring - Advanced (full-day)

Advanced Competition Review & Restructuring is available in a full-day format for NSO workgroups that are already in place and ready to get to work.

Sport for Life - Long-Term Athlete Development Activation (half-day)

This workshop focuses on advancing the Sport for Life - Long-Term Athlete Development work from concept to activation within your own organization.

Developing and Using the Athlete Development Matrix (half-day)

This workshop will have two points of emphasis, depending on how advanced the participating sports are with their Long-Term Athlete Development Models.

Are We There Yet? A GPS for Sport for Life - Long-Term Athlete Development (half-day)

This workshop will explore ways sports can monitor Long-Term Athlete Development implementation at the national, provincial/territorial and community levels.

Building the Train to Train Adolescent Athlete (half-day)

The focus of this workshop is to identify and highlight sport system issues that impact the preparation of the adolescent athlete.

Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development (full-day)

This workshop is for NSOs, MSOs and P/TSOs to enhance their understanding about how to support Aboriginal participants and athletes in their programming.