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The Summit will feature keynotes speakers, individual presentations, panel sessions, and interactive breaks. The streams to consider when submitting a presentation include:

  • Physical Literacy - This stream will explore physical literacy as the foundation of both participation in physical activity and excellence in sport, providing a gateway for being active for life. Views will be shared from multiple perspectives of multiple sectors such as Health, Education and Recreation.  Share how you approach physical literacy in your programs to develop confidence, competence, motivation and creativity in various indoor and outdoor environments, such as on the ground, in the air, in and on water, and on snow or ice.
  • Inclusion - This stream will discuss the topic of Inclusion and accessibility in sport and physical activity. How are you addressing barriers to participation? What successes have you seen and what strides have we made, and how can we improve? Share you experiences, perspectives and innovative ideas to increase the inclusivity of sport and physical activity.
  • The Timing of Excellence - This stream will focus on the Long-Term Athlete Development key factors of Specialization and Excellence Takes Time. What are the right and wrong times to specialize in any one sport? How does a multisport foundation help athletes excel? Discuss how athletes can achieve their full potential through quality sport training and competition over a period of time.
  • Keys to Development - This stream will discuss the Long-Term Athlete Development key factors of Developmental Age, Sensitive Periods, and Mental, Cognitive and Emotional Development. Discuss how developmentally appropriate training improves skills and abilities to the greatest effect. Learn about the mental, cognitive and emotional development of young athletes. Share your observations and approaches to developing life skills through sport.
  • Periodization & Competition - This stream will explore the Long-Term Athlete Development key factors of Periodization and Competition. Speakers will inform about managing training and competition time within annual and seasonal cycles. Experts will challenge delegates to prevent injury and burnout in athletes. Discussion will occur to determine how you can increase the amount of ‘meaningful’ competition.
  • Collaboration & Continuous Improvement - This stream is intended to focus on the Long-Term Athlete Development key factors of System Alignment & Integration and Continuous Improvement. Confer to learn how your organization is working with others to improve the delivery of quality sport and physical literacy. Get examples of how to foster collaboration, not just between organizations, but across sectors as well to build a system to have a collective impact. Share the successful changes you have implemented or experienced.

To submit an abstractclick here. Abstracts will be accepted until August 15. Early bird registration for the Sport for Life Canadian Summit will open September 11.