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  • Elisa Maruzzo
    Elisa Maruzzo
    Physical Literacy and International projects
Elisa Maruzzo
Physical Literacy and International projects

As the Engagement Manager for Western Canada & International Partnerships, Elisa manages a portfolio of international projects, Physical Literacy for Communities, sponsorship, fundraisers, and the 60 Minute Kids’ Club program. Growing up playing a wide variety of sports and activities led her to study kinesiology at UBC with a focus on business and exercise science. Having worked with people at every stage of the Long-Term Athlete Development Framework, Elisa puts a focus on training leaders to progress people through the various stages using physical literacy as a foundation for being active for life. With strengths coordinating community engagement strategies and delivering workshops for service providers, Elisa puts an emphasis on implementation strategies to embed healthy habits and physical literacy best practices into curriculum, at home, and throughout the community.


  • Physical Literacy
  • Engaging communities
  • NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Active adults
  • Multi-sector collaboration
  • Strength and conditioning
  • KidsCanMove
  • 60 Minute Kids Club
  • Live5210

Past Presentations

  • Delta Physical Literacy Summit (2016)
  • Physical Literacy training in Andra Pradesh (India, 2016)
  • International Physical Literacy Conference (2015)
  • Various physical literacy workshops for community stakeholders, parents, service providers, policymakers (2013-present)
  • NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills Community Leader Workshop facilitator
  • KidsCanMove facilitator

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