Monthly Archives: February 2020

How to advance Quality Sport for Communities and Clubs

Developing and delivering quality sport has become a quintessential component of Canada's sport and physical activity ecosystem over the past couple of years. To ensure the best possible sport is delivered to all Canadians, Sport for Life has developed Quality Sport for Communities and Clubs. This resource aims to guide quality sport delivery based on…
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Canadian sport organizations team up to create the Gender Equity Playbook

They’re calling it the Gender Equity Playbook. Canadian Women & Sport has announced their partnership with six multisport service organizations (MSOs) and national sport organizations (NSOs) to pilot and support the development of the playbook. Sport for Life is proud to be on that list. “Gender equity doesn’t happen without groups working together. It requires…
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PLAYBuilder crosses borders as two-year anniversary approaches

PLAYBuilder is nearly two years old. Since being launched in early 2018, Sport for Life’s innovative curriculum app has been making waves worldwide. Through partnerships with organizations such as the New York Road Runners and Athletics Australia, allowing them to custom-design their lesson plans and easily distribute them to their staff and coaches. And as…
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Canadian experts mobilize long-term development ideals to Iceland

Sport for Life expert André Lachance has been mobilizing Canadian long-term development ideals for many years now, and that work has taken him to increasingly far-flung locales. As he mobilizes long-term development, he’s been repeatedly surprised by the enthusiasm on display in Scandinavian countries. In many ways they’re implementing his teachings faster than their Canadian…
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