Monthly Archives: August 2020

Table Tennis Canada develops meaningful competition

The national table tennis system has gone through some upheaval in recent years, with a new administration taking over in 2019. Facing a significant deficit and a tournament schedule that wasn’t working like they’d hoped, the new leadership decided to undertake a complete overhaul of their competition structure with the help of Sport for Life…
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PLAYShuswap enhances community connections through physical literacy

When it comes to developing physical literacy in a community, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you can focus on enhancing existing initiatives and infrastructure with a physical literacy focus. That’s one of the lessons that comes to mind when community mentor Nicole Beauregard reflects on her time with the newly created…
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Bowls Canada creates community

Lawn bowling, also known as bowls or lawn bowls, has always been a niche activity, but the demographic is expanding these days as the sport focuses on outreach and inclusion.  With 202 clubs across Canada, and newly created resources based on Long-Term Development, Bowls Canada has been making steady progress at attracting new talent, developing…
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PLAYBuilder Q&A with Athletics Australia

Athletics Australia is the national governing body for athletics Down Under. Adam Bishop is their General Manager of Growth and Development and has been working with Sport for Life to utilize the PLAYBuilder platform to support their work in delivering quality sport programs. Sport for Life connected with Bishop to hear how that process is going…
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