Monthly Archives: September 2020

Softball BC commits to Indigenous Long-Term Participant Development Pathway implementation

[caption id="attachment_14972" align="alignleft" width="450"] Courtesy of Softball BC[/caption] Amidst a global reckoning about systemic racism in North America and beyond, sport organizations are increasingly looking for ways to create in-roads into under-serviced communities and to create better cultural awareness. Softball BC is one example of a provincial organization putting in the time to incorporate the…
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Quebec Rowing innovates with competition restructuring

Rowing is undergoing a cultural shift in Quebec. Until recently, there weren’t many opportunities for rowers under the age of 14. Competitions often required extensive and expensive travel, but didn’t provide athletes with meaningful match-ups or much time on the water. The Long-Term Development infrastructure required to provide quality sport experiences simply wasn’t there yet,…
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PLAY North Vancouver encourages community connection through physical literacy

When you attempt to put together a cross-sectoral working group of physical literacy advocates, sometimes you end up with allies you wouldn’t have expected. For JoAnne Burleigh of Vancouver Coastal Health, who has been spearheading Sport for Life’s Physical Literacy for Communities (PL4C) initiative across the North Shore of Vancouver, some of the most surprising…
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Introducing the School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy Project

It’s one of the largest scale endeavours Sport for Life has ever embarked on — the School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy Project — and when it’s completed it will have reached over 100 elementary schools in British Columbia. “This is a unique opportunity for us to prototype different professional development opportunities for teachers related…
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