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Risk management course offered for sport organizations

There’s no shortage of risk when it comes to running a sport organization, so how do you plan for the future while also being prepared for the worst? With Sport for Life’s e-learning course, Risk Management in Sport, you’ll get a practical description of the risks you can anticipate encountering, and how to effectively plan…
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Mobilizing multisport with Fortune Freestyle

If everything is going according to their strategic plan, the athletes coming up through Fortune Freestyle’s long term development program will participate in a wide range of dryland sports, including hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing. Because of cooperative scheduling with other teams, they may compete in sports such as hockey or volleyball. And though…
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Olympic gold medallist Jean-Luc Brassard reflects on changing sport landscape

Nobody wanted to comment. When news broke that a number of Canadian female alpine skiers had been sexually abused by their coach Bertrand Charest between 1991 and 1998, leading to a trial and ultimate guilty verdict, initially Jean-Luc Brassard didn’t want to get involved. The celebrated Olympic gold medal-winning skier was shocked by the allegations,…
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West Vancouver makes physical literacy headlines

[caption id="attachment_13316" align="alignleft" width="403"] Photo by Mike Wakefield, North Shore News[/caption] An ambitious multi-year physical literacy initiative in West Vancouver is making headlines across the country as the school district moves toward integrating movement into their everyday curriculum. After launching the project during the 2015/16 school year, initially working with only one grade, they’ve now…
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Athletics Australia throws its weight behind PLAYBuilder

The PLAYBuilder app has made a global splash since being released last year. Developed in Canada by Momentum IT Group and Sport for Life, it has become an integral part of sport and physical literacy organizations across North America. Now, thanks to a new partnership with Athletics Australia, it’s also being embraced Down Under. The…
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E-learning course aims to improve organizational communication

Communication is a critical component of any sport organization, and the way information is dispersed to volunteers can affect the success of the entire operation. With the new e-learning course titled Effective Communication, available on our online campus, we aim to fine-tune your communication strategies so you can share knowledge and information in a streamlined…
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Bringing physical literacy to the British Virgin Islands

Canadians have long been leading the way globally in many areas of sport and physical activity, such as establishing long-term development pathways, creating physical literacy opportunities and mobilizing coach education. As other countries rush to catch up, many of them looking to Canada as an example, Sport for Life has been approached by numerous countries…
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Bianca Andreescu wows Canadians, inspires young tennis players

The historic Grand Slam victory of 19-year-old Canadian Bianca Andreescu over tennis heavyweight Serena Williams at the US Open in September will long be remembered, and could serve as a catalyst for future generations of Canadian athletes to excel not only in tennis, but in all sports. As both a female multisport athlete and the…
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New e-learning course aims to help organizations recruit and retain volunteers

It can be tricky to source reliable volunteers, and even trickier to keep them involved in your organization. Whether you’re working in the sports world or elsewhere, Sport for Life’s new e-learning resource Recruitment and Retention of Volunteers contains tips for how to make the best of your volunteer situation. “We’ve long known that many…
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