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Sport for Life workshop keeps coaches on their toes

If you’re going to enroll in Sport for Life’s  Physical Literacy Movement Preparation coach workshop, you should expect to sweat. This isn’t the sort of experience where you sit at a desk and listen to lectures; instead you’ll be running through the exact same warm-ups you’ll be taking back to your athletes / participants. And…
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Sport for Life director inducted into Hall of Fame

It’s been over three decades since Sport for Life Director Tom Jones represented Canada at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, but he can still picture the look on his coach’s face the moment they qualified for semifinals. It had been a hard-fought battle against Japan, and would eventually lead the 27-year-old athlete and his…
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Nova Scotia multisport model mobilized

Scheduling conflicts shouldn’t determine which sports a kid gets to play. Physical literacy professionals believe it’s better if children are exposed to as many different activities and sports as possible, giving them an opportunity to decide for themselves the ones they want to play longer term. That’s why the Nova Scotia town of Antigonish decided…
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Do you know the Eight Factors of Active for Life?

Adulthood and aging come with their own unique challenges. No matter how active you’ve been in the past, it still requires diligence to ensure you’re creating the healthiest lifestyle possible for yourself. In Sport for Life’s resource Durable by Design we’ve broken down the elements of a healthy lifestyle into eight factors, each of them…
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Sport for Life celebrates PLAYBuilder launch

Sport for Life is pleased to unveil its coaching app PLAYBuilder after more than two years of development with Momentum IT Group. This innovative program allows organizations access to lessons plans that will make quality programming easier, and allow instructors to keep content consistent across their organization. To date, roughly 4,400 kids have been positively…
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Dawson Creek gets moving

It can be difficult to convince people to embrace active living in the north, but one small city is making strides with a variety of physical literacy initiatives. Dawson Creek’s Tiffany Hetenyi recently participated in Sport for Life’s Physical Literacy Movement Preparation Coach workshop and came away feeling not only inspired, but like she had…
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Sport for Life workshop empowers Indigenous leaders

Indigenous people tend to vote with their feet, according to Sport for Life workshop facilitator Dorothy Paul, and that means they’re going to start walking if you don’t successfully engage them. That’s why she’s signed on to be one of the leaders of the Indigenous Communities: Active for Life workshops, which encourage participants to embrace…
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Sport for Life cheers on The Grizzlies

Sport for Life is passionate about mobilizing quality sport experiences to every community in Canada, as we believe physical activity can transform the lives of participants and change the epidemic of preventable health conditions related to sedentary behaviours. In the upcoming film The Grizzlies, viewers will experience the story of a small lacrosse team from…
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Sport for Life Leaders School transforms West Vancouver Field Hockey Club

There are more than 1600 athletes registered in the West Vancouver Field Hockey Club’s Spring League program, and none of them are getting cut from their teams. With a focus on developing skills and having fun, this organization has decided to side-step the traditionally competitive elements of their sport to make sure everyone is included.…
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Sport for Life champions gender equity in sport

This is an exciting time for girls and women in Canadian sport. With a recently announced $3-million investment from the federal government, put forward by MP Kirsty Duncan, our country has set itself the goal of achieving gender equity in sport by 2035. That’s 16 years from today, and according to Sport for Life’s Carolyn…
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