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VIDEO: Sport for Life director mobilizes physical literacy knowledge

It’s got everything you need to know about physical literacy in 15 minutes. Recently Sport for Life’s Senior Director of Physical Literacy Drew Mitchell prepared a video presentation for the 2021 International Society for Physical Activity and Health conference called “Physical Literacy - What it is and Why it is Important!” It takes viewers through…
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Call for partners: Implementing Equitable and Quality Community Sport for Racialized and Newcomer Women & Girls

Sport for Life in partnership with Canadian Women & Sport, are looking for three local sport organizations (LSOs) or community-based organizations who are keen to engage and empower self-identifying racialized and/or newcomer women, girls, trans women, trans girls, and femmes through quality sport opportunities. Quality Sport opportunities means creating positive experiences in supportive environments through…
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Sport for Life tours France to promote physical literacy

France is preparing for the return of sport and physical activity as the pandemic subsides, and Sport for Life toured the country and met with academics, teachers and sport educators. Using the principles of Long-Term Development and physical literacy as a foundation, the goal was to empower French organizations to continue delivering cutting edge programming.…
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Paralympics inspire next generation of athletes

What does it take to ignite a dream? For many individuals with disabilities, whether congenital or acquired, the first step towards participation in sport or physical activity is learning that an adapted version of a particular activity exists, and the second is finding an appropriate program or organization to connect with. In the Long-Term Development…
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Learn how to become a physical literacy instructor

The Sport for Life Society, Coaching Association of Canada, and HIGH FIVE® have come together to support recreation leaders, coaches, and others in becoming a physical literacy instructor.  The Physical Literacy Instructor program is a blended eLearning and workshop training experience that provides the opportunity for an individual to become a recognized physical literacy instructor.…
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PL4C operationalizes The Common Vision

Created in 2018, A Common Vision for Increasing Physical Activity and Reducing Sedentary Living in Canada: Let’s Get Moving is a foundational document for all the work done at Sport for Life. With a focus on getting Canadians physically active, it aims to unite sectors such as recreation, health and sport in achieving milestones as…
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PLAYBuilder Q&A with Bowls Canada

Jake Schuknecht is the development manager for Bowls Canada, which recently made the decision to provide PLAYBuilder access to all their community coaches. Sport for Life connected with him to see how the platform is working so far. Q: How did you hear about PLAYBuilder? A: From various Sport for Life emails, webinars, presentations, etc.…
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The controversy around early talent identification

Many sport organizations in Canada practice early talent identification (TID), a process where children between the ages of 10-14 are evaluated and selected for high-performance sport programs and put on a track towards athletic success. Unfortunately, this can lead to issues for both those who are identified and those who are not, and this approach…
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Sweden prepares for Change the Game Conference

The eighth annual Change the Game Conference is coming up in Sweden from September 21 to 24. The virtual event will continue to focus on the power of physical literacy. Following the success of the first ever International Physical Literacy Conference Europe, that was held in Umeå in 2019, organizer Tom Englén hopes the event…
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Golf Ontario builds trust and relationships with regional sustainability model

Golf Ontario is piloting a four-year regional sustainability strategy in three areas of the province, with plans to further expand once the pilot has concluded. The project aims to bring together national, provincial, and local sport organizations to foster relationships and implement the principles of Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity. “This is something…
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Let’s Play BC ignites passion

The creators of Let’s Play BC have a pretty straightforward ambition.  “Basically the vision for Let’s Play is to give every child with a mobility-related physical disability a healthy, happy start to being active. So we provide equipment and resources in order to do that,” said Marni Abbott-Peter, during the 2021 Virtual Sport for Life…
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