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Physical Literacy 501: Inclusive Physical Literacy (half-day)

PL 501 will help participants to understand the importance of physical literacy development for participants with disabilities. This workshop will take participants through what universally accessible programs are and how to plan and create them.  It will also help participants to develop their adaptations to fundamental movement skills to allow for different disability types to participate…
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Physical Literacy 301: Creating a Quality Physical Literacy Experience (half-day)

Participants will learn how to incorporate physical literacy enriched activities into a variety of indoor or outdoor settings. The activities can be easily implemented by a coach, physical educator or generalist teacher, recreation leader or parent. Physical literacy will be discussed as a means to enhance performance, increase active participation, as well as to reduce risk of injury. Physical activity is a…
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Physical Literacy 201: Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth (half-day)

This workshop will provide participants with the ability to execute, score and interpret the physical literacy assessment for youth (PLAY) tools in a sport specific setting. The session includes an update on physical literacy trends, which highlight potential roles for sport associations. Participants will leave this session with a renewed sense of urgency to address physical literacy…
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Physical Literacy 101: An Introduction to Physical Literacy (half-day)

Physical activity is a lot more fun when you are physically literate. Now more than ever, physical literacy is being recognized as an important component of best practices in the sport, recreation, health and education sectors within Canada. Unfortunately, not everyone knows or understands what exactly physical literacy is. The goal of the Physical Literacy…
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Becoming a Sport for Life Community (full-day)

The community is the first place everyone experiences physical activity and sport. Sport for Life provides the framework to ensure these experiences are positive and sets the stage for a lifelong relationship with physical activity. Municipal recreation, community leaders and community sport stakeholders are increasingly concerned about the health and wellness of their communities. This…
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An Introduction to Sport for Life (half day)

Whether you’re involved in the sport, recreation, health or education sector, you can help to integrate the Long-Term Athlete Development framework across Canada.  Long-Term Athlete Development is a multi-stage training, competition and recovery pathway that guides an individual’s experience in sport and physical activity from infancy through all phases of adulthood. This workshop will provide…
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Building the Train to Train Adolescent Athlete (half-day)

The Train to Train stage is typically associated with the adolescent athlete and is a critical time for athlete development. The adolescent athlete’s life is full of competing priorities, such as school, school sports, multiple sports participation, social life, and work. During this stage they also begin going through puberty, which is a great challenge…
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Are We There Yet? A GPS for Sport for Life – Long-Term Athlete Development (half-day)

This workshop will explore ways sports can monitor Long-Term Athlete Development implementation at the national, provincial/territorial and community levels. Participants will learn how to use the Sport for Life "scorecard" to measure success factors, track progress and better understand current government funding models. We will discuss how planning, "logic models" and evaluation can guide Long-Term Athlete…
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Developing and Using the Athlete Development Matrix (half-day)

This workshop will have two points of emphasis, depending on how advanced the participating sports are with their Long-Term Athlete Development Models. Most sports, through the process of creating their sport-specific Long-Term Athlete Development Model, have developed a comprehensive ‘skills matrix’ detailing the capabilities required for athletes at each stage. For those sports, the session will…
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Long-Term Athlete Development Activation (half-day)

This workshop focuses on advancing the Sport for Life - Long-Term Athlete Development work from concept to activation within your own organization. You will examine research, tools and templates needed to assess your organization’s Long-Term Athlete Development readiness and explore strategies for integrating Long-Term Athlete Development within your organizational planning and operations. This workshop aims to guide…
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Competition Review & Restructuring – Advanced (full-day)

Advanced Competition Review & Restructuring is available in a full-day format for NSO workgroups that are already in place and ready to get to work. Groups must be familiar with the Competition Review project, and at least on group member must have attended a half-day Competition Review & Restructuring workshop already. This workshop will focus on…
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Competition Review and Restructuring for Sport Organizations – An Introduction (half-day)

This half-day workshop is perfect for Sport Leaders at the local, provincial or national levels who are just getting started with their competition review and restructuring. Participants will be introduced to reasoning as to why competition restructuring is important for athlete development. This will include discussions about key concepts, including using developmentally appropriate and meaningful…
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