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Competition Review & Restructuring – Advanced (full-day)

Advanced Competition Review & Restructuring is available in a full-day format for NSO workgroups that are already in place and ready to get to work. Groups must be familiar with the Competition Review project, and at least on group member must have attended a half-day Competition Review & Restructuring workshop already. This workshop will focus on…
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Competition Review and Restructuring for Sport Organizations – An Introduction (half-day)

This half-day workshop is perfect for Sport Leaders at the local, provincial or national levels who are just getting started with their competition review and restructuring. Participants will be introduced to reasoning as to why competition restructuring is important for athlete development. This will include discussions about key concepts, including using developmentally appropriate and meaningful…
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Periodization (half day)

Simply put, periodization is time management. As a planning technique, it provides the framework for arranging the complex array of training processes (skill development, strength training, regeneration) into a logical schedule to bring about optimal improvements in performance. Participants in this workshop will be introduced to the principles of contemporary periodization. “What is periodization?” will be…
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Long-Term Athlete Development: An Introduction (half day)

Whether you’re involved in the sport, recreation, health or education sector, you can help to integrate the Long-Term Athlete Development Framework across Canada. Long-Term Athlete Development is a multi-stage training, competition and recovery pathway that guides an individual’s experience in sport and physical activity from infancy through all phases of adulthood. This workshop will provide…
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The Situation in Canada By 2030, immigration will account for all of Canada's net population growth. Cities across Canada are being transformed by immigration, and these demographic trends will undoubtedly impact Canadian sports. Grassroots and professional sports organizations need to find ways to appeal to this diverse new audience. How Sport for life Supports Newcomer Sport…
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Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway Workshop

Friday, December 16, 2016 Victoria, B.C. – The Sport for Life Society and Aboriginal Sport Circle invites you to attend the Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway Workshop on January 24, prior to the 2017 Sport for Life Canadian Summit. The workshop is designed to help sport and physical activity organizations across Canada enhance their understanding…
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Register for the International Physical Literacy Conference 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 Victoria, B.C. – Every individual embarks on a physical literacy journey. By developing physical literacy across the lifespan, individuals empower themselves to be better at work, better at physical activities and sport, have better mental health and happiness, and better engage with their community. This is the premise behind the International…
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Active for Life

Individuals who have a desire to be physically active are in the Active for Life stage. A participant may choose to be Competitive for Life or Fit for Life and, if inclined, give back as a sport or physical activity leader. Competitive for Life includes those who compete in any organized sport recreation leagues to…
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Learn to Train

Once a wide range of fundamental movement skills have been acquired, participants progress into the Learn to Train stage leading to understanding basic rules, tactics, and strategy in games and refinement of sport specific skills. There are opportunities to participate in multiple sports with competitions focused on skill development and retention.  Games and activities are inclusive,…
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Train to Win

Athletes in the Train to Win stage are world class competitors who are competing at the highest level of competition in the world (e.g. Olympics, Paralympics, World Championships, World Cups or top professional leagues). These athletes have highly personalized training and competition plans and have an Integrated Support Team of physical therapists, athletic therapists, and…
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