Building the Train to Train Adolescent Athlete (half-day)

The Train to Train stage is typically associated with the adolescent athlete and is a critical time for athlete development. The adolescent athlete’s life is full of competing priorities, such as school, school sports, multiple sports participation, social life, and work. During this stage they also begin going through puberty, which is a great challenge alone. Leaders in the Canadian Sport System have the ability to identify, modify, influence and manipulate elements in the system to promote developmentally appropriate training, competition and recovery programsto enhance optimal athlete preparation.

The focus of this workshop is to identify and highlight sport system issues that impact the preparation of the adolescent athlete, and to provide sport leaders with strategies to adapt processes and fixtures to reinforce optimal periodization for adolescent/pubertal athletes, while considering the 10 Key Factors and the 10 S's of Long-Term Athlete Development. This workshop is intended for provincial and national sport organization representatives.


  • Strong working knowledge of sport-specific Long-Term Athlete Development
  • Have a strong understanding of the influences on the adolescent Train to Train athletes

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