Developing and Using the Athlete Development Matrix (half-day)

This workshop will have two points of emphasis, depending on how advanced the participating sports are with their Long-Term Athlete Development Models. Most sports, through the process of creating their sport-specific Long-Term Athlete Development Model, have developed a comprehensive ‘skills matrix’ detailing the capabilities required for athletes at each stage. For those sports, the session will review their athlete development matrix and then will focus on identifying how to measure or assess the skills. This will allow NSOs to guide and align programs, competition and coach training. Emphasis will be placed on determining when athletes have acquired and mastered skills and are ready to move to the next stage. For the sports whose skills matrix is not comprehensively completed, the discussion will revolve around determining the details required or identifying the information needed to complete the skills matrix. Please note: for the context of our discussion, ‘skills’ include physical, technical, tactical (including decision making), mental, emotional, social, and life skills.


  • A completed sport-specific Long-Term Athlete Development overview document
  • A partial or completed athlete development matrix

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