Free PLAYBuilder for the month of April

These are extraordinary times and we at Sport for Life want to support our existing as well as new clients with our own extraordinary offer. Free PLAYBuilder for up to 10 users for a year. Act fast since the offer to sign up is only valid until April 30, 2020, which means you only pay for PLAYBuilder if you decide to renew with us in April 2021.

Why have we decided to share this opportunity?

At Sport for Life we understand how COVID-19 has impacted sports, recreation and educational organizations as we all adapt to a world of social distancing. We have heard organizations are looking for alternative solutions to deliver programming, training and education while keeping current employees engaged. The solution is PLAYBuilder. PLAYBuilder is a strategic part of delivery by digitizing programming onto a cloud-based management system. Utilizing PLAYBuilder can help prepare your staff for the future and provide a project during the unexpected postponement of face-to face programming. 

What do you have to commit to?

We ask that you once you’ve signed up for PLAYBuilder, which involves signing a mutually beneficial Liability Agreement and develop a customized PLAYBuilder website for your organization, that you commit to adding your programming/content to your customized website. We are hosting continuing education by way of webinars, help videos and resources to support you with the tools you need to add your promimming to PLAYBuilder. If adding programming to an online cloud-based system is what you have thought of, or what you are interested in doing – now is the time.

What are the incentives to creating your own programming on PLAYBuilder?
  • Save time and money on less staff training
  • Share content across the organization with consistency
  • Create a revenue stream by selling your content packs to other organizations

Register here to request a free PLAYBuilder:

What if you are an existing PLAYBuilder Partner, and you’re reaching your renewal date?

We are offering any existing clients an additional 3 month extension to your current PLAYBuilder license and if you add your programming to the platform we will extend the license another 6 months. A communication was sent to our existing clients, but if you didn’t receive an email please contact us at

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