• Sport for Life Canadian Summit – The Sport for Life Canadian Summit brings together leaders who work to enhance the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. Sport for Life recognizes that quality sport and physical literacy offer rich benefits to Canadian society through improved health, stronger communities, higher sporting achievement, and stronger national identity.
  • International Physical Literacy Conference (IPLC) – The International Physical Literacy Conference (IPLC) is designed to bring together sport, health, education, and recreation experts to advance the knowledge, application, and implementation of physical literacy programming across the globe. The conference engages leaders, practitioners, and stakeholders of physical literacy from around the world in a truly collaborative environment.
  • World Long-Term Athlete Development Symposium – Hosted by Sport for life, the World LTAD Symposium is designed to bring together sport, health, education, and recreation experts to advance the knowledge, application and implementation of Long-Term Athlete Development and Sport for Life principles across the globe.