Canadian Summit

The Sport for Life Canadian Summit brings together leaders who work to enhance the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. Sport for Life recognizes that quality sport and physical literacy offer rich benefits to Canadian society through improved health, stronger communities, higher sporting achievement, and stronger national identity. By improving sport, Sport for Life aims to improve the lives of all Canadians.

The 2020 Sport for Life Canadian Summit will take place January 28 - 30 at the Hilton Lac-Leamy Hotel, in Gatineau, QC, Canada.

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Theme – Celebrating Success

The 2020 Sport for Life Canadian Summit theme “Celebrating Success” highlights the importance of bringing together individuals from multiple sectors not only to reflect on and share past successes, but to understand how these successes came to be and what we can do to ensure continued success. Collaboration is key if we are to achieve our shared goals — within our organizations; throughout the national, provincial, and local levels of our sports; and across the whole of the Canadian sport and physical activity ecosystem. Join us in celebrating what has gone well and in focusing on what we can continue to do to ensure positive change going forward.

2020 Summit Streams Include: 


Highlight impactful programs, initiatives and collaborations with a community focus. These efforts are the result of effective and engaged community partner tables that include representation from across the sport, recreation, public health, education, and arts sectors working together to advance and embed physical literacy throughout the community. By emphasizing physical literacy principles, community activation is inclusive and enacts social change. This stream will share successes of cross-sectoral programs that focus on physical literacy development and that strive to reduce barriers to participation.


Highlight events, organizations and programs that are delivering quality sport, as well as good people advancing activation of quality sport through collaboration. At its most basic level, quality sport is achieved when the right people do the right things at the right times, resulting in positive sport experiences for participants. This stream will include developmentally appropriate sport and physical activity programs that are well run and led by caring and knowledgeable individuals, and that are inclusive, welcoming, and follow SafeSport principles. As well, we will look at examples of how researchers and practitioners can work together to test and inform good programs.


Highlight successful practices conducted by community sport councils and local sport organizations, through to provincial/territorial and national sport organizations. These successes will range through the whole of the Long-Term Development pathway – from young athletes and participants just beginning their journey, to high performance athletes competing at the highest level of their sport, to older adults who maintain participation in sport both to remain competitive and to stay healthy and active. Success can also be attributed to innovations: trying new things as well as using research to inform practice. This stream will focus on sharing successful athlete development pathways, including the challenges and solutions that led to change.


Highlight community sport and physical activity initiatives that have had significant lasting impact. These human capacity development initiatives should show the result of the collective action of community champions for changing the status quo. The people behind these initiatives are movers and shakers who teach and inspire others to replicate their work and are truly making a difference. This stream will share their stories.


Highlight policies, plans and strategies that strengthen systems so they can effectively implement coordinated local, national and international action to deliver quality of sport, which includes physical literacy experiences. An effective system displays the resilience and agility to manage widescale change without being left behind. This stream will share how organizations have created a “new normal” by addressing governance, leadership, multi-sectoral partnerships, workforce capabilities, advocacy, informational systems, and financing mechanisms through the lens of Long-Term Development.


Celebrating Francophone Successes: Highlight promising practices and programs that promote the development of physical literacy and quality sport in Quebec and in Canada’s Francophone communities.