Sport for Life Summit

The Sport for Life Summit brings together leaders who work together to enhance the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. Sport for Life recognizes that quality sport and physical activity offer rich benefits to Canadian society through improved health, stronger communities, higher sporting achievement, and stronger national identity. 

Overall, the Summit’s objective is to foster connection, understanding, creativity and progress among communities across Canada to build a more collaborative and resilient system where the sport, recreation, health and education sectors are aligned and working together to address barriers, and striving towards quality sport programming and physical literacy development that is equitably available to everyone.

2023 Summit

First, mark your calendars for February 6-12 to attend the 2023 Sport for Life Summit. Again this year we will be taking a multi-community approach to bring the two-day Summit to a community near you. Stay tuned for an announcement of the host communities and for more information about the keynotes, theme and specific community dates. 

Join people who, like you, are leaders in quality sport and physical literacy, as we come together around some of the year's most important topics, and share knowledge and best practices through engaging panel discussions and networking opportunities.

2022 Summit Overview

Traditionally, Sport for Life hosts the annual Summit in Gatineau, Quebec; however, with the continued uncertainty of COVID-19, and an intent to support more accessible events as an organization, the 2022 Summit will be a simultaneous, multi-community event that features both live, local content (e.g., workshops, panels, etc.) as well as virtual content (e.g., keynote presentations and national addresses) that will be shared to, and connect, all of the host communities in real time. This two-day event will take place on May 11-12. 

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from influential, internationally acclaimed keynote speakers, as well as from a range of experts and leaders who will present on community-specific topics and issues. These presentations will all connect to the Summit’s theme and streams. A portion of each day’s program will be dedicated to facilitated discussion and workshopping where the delegates will address key issues pertaining to the theme, streams and keynote messages, but with a local focus.

To see the specific program for each community, click on the community name in the section below.

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The theme of the 2022 Sport for Life Canadian Summit is Reflect. Reconnect. Reimagine. 

We often hear about participants facing adversity in sports, finding ways to overcome it, then going on to accomplish great things. Their ability to overcome obstacles becomes as much a part of their success story as the victories they achieve. Adversities, ranging from the present global pandemic to the historical and current climate of systemic racism and discrimination present the current challenges and opportunities to begin crafting our own success story. 

Let’s reflect—as individuals, organizations, and sectors—on where we were, what we have learned, and where we want to be. Let’s reconnect in meaningful ways, as connection fosters understanding, creativity and progress. And let’s reimagine a collaborative, resilient system where the sport, recreation, health and education sectors are truly aligned and working together to address barriers and strive towards quality sport programming and physical literacy development that is equitably available to everyone.

Each day of the Summit will focus on a specific stream that speaks to the overall theme. 

Day 1: Sport and Physical Activity for Everyone

We have all witnessed challenging events around the world during the past couple of years. These events have created space for many to pause and reflect on the inequities within the systems and structures of sport, physical activity, recreation, health and education. This pause has amplified the historical and present need to ensure people receive barrier-free access to quality programs or quality spaces, and ensure these gaps and issues within our system are addressed, and an opportunity to push reset with intentions of an equitable, inclusive, diverse and accessible (EDIA) approach across sectors.

The Canadian Sport Policy renewal process is underway to help guide governments, institutions and organizations in an aligned, collaborative way. So, let’s share what we have learned and experienced to shape a system that makes it easier for individuals, clubs, communities and organizations to thrive. This stream will feature best practices, innovative approaches to multi-sectoral alignment, EDIA approaches and partnerships, solutions to existing challenges, and new concepts.

Day 2: Sport and Physical Activity for the Future

Discussions have been ongoing for years about new and necessary approaches to the delivery and development of sport and recreation programming, in collaboration with the health and education sectors, but it isn’t easy to change the traditional structures. Yet adversity and challenges present opportunities for innovation and imagination. The restrictions caused by the pandemic have actually forced us to put many concepts into practice: less travel for participants in the early stages; more practice, less competition; taking a pulse on the equity, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility of programming at all levels; and consideration of sport and physical activity from a mental health perspective and not solely a performance perspective.

Organizations and individuals are aligning more closely with quality sport principles now, and also listening to each other more effectively. This leads to harmonization from the grassroots and community level to the national level, which in turn will lead to collaborative, positive spaces that encourage young participants to stay involved. This stream will feature best practices, innovative approaches, technology’s role in sport, and success stories from across sectors, including physical activity and sport programming in a post-pandemic world.

Aisha Saintiche
Entraîneure de santé Certified Health Coach,
Me To Moi Health

Dorota Blumczyńska
Chief Executive Officer,
Manitoba Museum

Glenn and Nick Hoag
Father-son Olympic volleyball duo;
Long-Term Development proponents

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi
Director, Boston University Center for Antiracist Research; #1 New York Times bestselling author

The 2022 Summit will be delivered in the following communities, in collaboration with the host community partner organization. To see the specific program for each community, click on the community name in the section below.

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We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada.