Anti-Racism Statement

Events of the last year have highlighted the systemic racism that exists in Canadian society and around the world. Working within the sport and recreation sectors, we recognize that systemic racism exists here, too. The Sport for Life Society (S4L) and Physical Literacy for Life (PL4L) charity believe that equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility are foundational to a successful and healthy sport and physical activity ecosystem.

We stand against racism and will be intentional when working towards creating an inclusive and positive environment for everyone to enjoy the benefits of sport and physical activity. Inaction perpetuates systemic racism, but by actively supporting anti-racist policies, programs and services, Sport for Life will work to disrupt, dismantle and abolish racism in the programs, services and resources we deliver, both alone and in partnership with others.

Sport for Life will be purposeful in adding our voice to the powerful messages of anti-racism around the world and ensure our programming, services and resources are inclusive to everyone regardless of race, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or national origin.