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What We Do

Developing physical literacy and delivering quality sport

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  • Red Deer Minor Baseball innovates during COVID-19

    Why have only one baseball diamond when you could have four? This was the question Lorne Bates, the president of Red Deer Minor Baseball Association (RDMBA) asked himself as their board was working on further implementing Sport for Life’s Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity framework into their organization....

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  • PLAYShuswap enhances community connections through physical literacy

    When it comes to developing physical literacy in a community, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you can focus on enhancing existing initiatives and infrastructure with a physical literacy focus. That’s one of the lessons that comes to mind when community mentor Nicole Beauregard reflects on her...

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  • Bowls Canada creates community

    Lawn bowling, also known as bowls or lawn bowls, has always been a niche activity, but the demographic is expanding these days as the sport focuses on outreach and inclusion.  With 202 clubs across Canada, and newly created resources based on Long-Term Development, Bowls Canada has been making steady progress...

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  • Table Tennis Canada develops meaningful competition

    The national table tennis system has gone through some upheaval in recent years, with a new administration taking over in 2019. Facing a significant deficit and a tournament schedule that wasn’t working like they’d hoped, the new leadership decided to undertake a complete overhaul of their competition structure with the...

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The Stages

within the basic Long-Term Development framework

  • Awareness and First Involvement
    To engage in sport and physical activity, individuals must be aware of what opportunities exist for them, and when they...
  • Train to Train
    Athletes enter the Train to Train stage when they have developed proficiency in the athlete development performance components (physical, technical-tactical,...
  • Active Start
    From 0-6 years, boys and girls need to be engaged in daily active play. Through play and movement, they develop...
  • Train to Compete
    Athletes enter the Train to Compete stage when they are proficient in sport-specific Train to Train athlete development components (physical,...
  • FUNdamentals
    In the FUNdamentals stage, participants develop fundamental movement skills in structured and unstructured environments for play.  The focus is on...
  • Train to Win
    Athletes in the Train to Win stage are world class competitors who are competing at the highest level of competition...
  • Learn to Train
    Once a wide range of fundamental movement skills have been acquired, participants progress into the Learn to Train stage leading to...
  • Active for Life
    Individuals who have a desire to be physically active are in the Active for Life stage. A participant may choose...