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The world’s leading provider of Long-Term Athlete Development knowledge


The Sport for Life Society improves the quality of sport and advances physical literacy development. Engaging a dedicated international team of experts, we:

Did you know...?

Sport for Life created the concept of Long-Term Athlete Development and has developed successful Long-Term Athlete Development frameworks for more than 60 different sports in collaboration with 100 national sport organizations around the world.

Sport for Life offers a suite of services and resources in two related initiatives:

Long-Term Athlete Development for Nations

  • Shaping national sport strategy
  • Asset mapping
  • Facilitating national sport development frameworks
  • National sport competition review
  • International certification

Physical Literacy for Nations

  • Strategic framework customized for your nation including sport, recreation, education and health
  • Education: workshops, conferences, e-learning modules
  • Training to build in-country expertise
  • Mentoring leaders from all sector representatives
Nations investing in Long-Term Athlete Development improvements and physical literacy development

A 2015-16 sample of nations working with Sport for Life:

Some of our Notable Projects:
Sport for Life has an ongoing commitment to build quality sport and develop physical literacy with governments and organizations around the world.

To inquire about Sport for Life services, please contact Tom Jones, Director of International Relations, by phone at 1-778-879-4665 or by email at