The world’s leading provider of Long-Term Development and Physical Literacy knowledge

What we do

Sport for Life works to create whole system change by:

  • Creating resources
  • Educating, training, and mentoring
  • Improving programming
To innovate change we also:

  • Support awareness
  • Embed strategy and upgrade policy
  • Encourage assessment and mobilize research

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Did you know?

Sport for Life has worked with and presented to over 65 countries worldwide on Physical Literacy and Long Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity. We have worked with governments, national Olympic committees, non-governmental organizations, sport organizations, Olympic Solidarity, and more.

Sport for Life offers a comprehensive suite of services, programs and tools:

Long-Term Development

  • Shaping national sport strategy
  • Asset mapping
  • Facilitating national sport development frameworks
  • National sport competition review
  • International certification

Physical Literacy for Nations and Communities

  • Strategic framework customized for your nation or community including sport, recreation, education and health sectors
  • Physical Literacy training and education including workshops, conferences, eLearning modules
  • Training to build in-country expertise
  • Mentoring leaders and representatives from all sectors

Physical Literacy for Clubs, Schools, and Organizations

  • Program Review
  • Program Design
  • Program Development
  • Physical Literacy Instructor Training
  • Program Piloting
  • Physical Literacy Assessments
  • Monitoring and Quality Assurance

Quality Sport for Indigenous Communities

  • Support sport and physical activity leaders and organizations to enhance their support of Indigenous participants and athletes in their programming.
  • Support local champions to develop sustainable quality sport and physical activity programs, build collaborative relationships, and re-engage their community members into active and healthy lifestyles.

Facility Design

  • Facilities based on Sport for Life principles of Long Term Development in Sport & Physical Activity promoting movement and physical activity:
    • Multi-sport leisure facilities
    • Early years facilities design to develop physical literacy
    • Sport-specific high school facilities for international competitions


  • Variety of standard or custom built workshops available.

eLearning Campus

  • Online eLearning courses on a custom-branded campus, such as:
    • Introduction to Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity
    • Introduction to Physical Literacy
    • Risk Management in Sport


  • A simple online platform for creating and sharing lesson plans that support physical literacy development.
  • Searchable database of activities and lesson plans based on age-and-stage-appropriate tags
  • Ability to create custom lesson and program plans
  • Live instruction mode – access lesson plans and supporting media directly on your mobile device

Physical Literacy Assessment Tools for Youth

  • A series of physical literacy assessment tools developed by Sport for Life to determine the level of an individual’s physical literacy including PlayBasic, PlayFun, PlayParent.

Notable Projects include:

Sport for Life aspires to contribute to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals through building quality sport and developing physical literacy with governments and organizations around the world. Specifically:

To inquire about Sport for Life services, please contact Tom Jones, Director of Community and International Engagement, by email at

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