Physical activity journals go digital with MySportLink

It’s now easier than ever to keep track of your athletic development, thanks to an app called MySportLink. Offered by Sportéco, it’s the latest evolution in their offerings following the success of the My Athletic Notebook journals, which gives athletes an easy way to analyze and evaluate their sport progress.

“We understand that technology is evolving, so we decided ‘let’s provide both options’. Some people will use the digital version, and others are going to use the physical journals. We wanted to allow the possibility to use either,” said Stan Cojemeachin, vice president of Sportéco.

“We decided that we need to have an app that, after phase one we could have phase two, and then phase three, where we can implement something that will be more personalized to the athlete. This is a must. We have big ideas on how we can start to actually implement artificial intelligence so that we can build a platform that will be reactive and adapted to each player.”

Building a sport community

According to MySportLink’s website, the app is built by professional sport specialists who aim to support the mental, physical, technical and tactical growth of young athletes. The objective is to create a global network of coaches, mentors, agents, scouts and parents. CEO and founder Vasili Cojemeachin feels the digital version includes more immediate access to the elements that have made their physical journals a success.

“Some functionalities we can use in our app include things like receiving statistics that you could’ve done on paper that you can download at the end of the month, or the year, and you can see your progress. You can see ‘how can I relate my results and performance on the field or elsewhere with my emotions?’ And in this app, it can track it as you go,” he said.

According to Stan, MySportLink will be a powerful way to bolster someone’s sporting career.

“The whole idea behind the app was to build a sport community. I’ve grown up playing soccer and I’ve been through the athlete journey, so I’ve been in the mud and I’ve had this experience where you actually want to progress and start building out your CV so you start sending it out to scouting agents and knocking on doors,” he said.

“We asked ourselves ‘what can we give to everyone to actually provide one platform and include our journals?’ So at the center we decided to create a global community so when the athlete is kicking the can and trying to find their own solutions, they can go on this platform and connect with coaches, players, club associations, scouts.”

Going global

MySportLink initially went through two test groups of 30 people and received positive feedback. Now that they’re working on onboarding clubs and associations, teaching them about the benefits of data management and how the information can be communicated and utilized. It’s been tested with teams from the U.S. and India, with Canada’s involvement being a new step. It is now available worldwide for anyone to download. 

To learn more, visit My Sport Link.

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