Sport for Life tours France to promote physical literacy

France is preparing for the return of sport and physical activity as the pandemic subsides, and Sport for Life toured the country and met with academics, teachers and sport educators.

Using the principles of Long-Term Development and physical literacy as a foundation, the goal was to empower French organizations to continue delivering cutting edge programming.

“This is a unique time in history for everyone, but it also gives us an opportunity to introduce some of the foundational elements of Long-Term Development into French society. We’re thrilled with the warm reception we’ve received so far, and can’t wait to get down to work,” said LTD expert André Lachance, who will be travelling along with Sport for Life’s Manager of Francophone Engagement Kim Samson. 

“The concept of physical literacy is still fresh in France, so we’re excited to engage a whole new population. Our hope is that the groundwork we’re doing now will trickle down to the sport clubs and physical activity organizations all across the country.”

The pair made stops from Oct. 13 to 15 at the Lille University Club, the AS Montferrandaise and the Chantcecler Association of Bordeaux. They also presented at a conference with the title “What is happening after COVID?”, sharing how the Canadian system responded to the pandemic. 

The trip was made possible by a partnership with the Fédération Française des Clubs Omnisports.

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