Handbook of References: Supplement to Long-Term Development Development in Sport and Physical Activity 3.0

Sport for Life provides information and ongoing support for the integration of Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity to national sport organizations, sport and non-sport sector leaders, and other contributors to the Canadian sport and physical activity ecosystem. Quality sport and advancing physical literacy are central to the work of Sport for Life.

This Handbook of References provides relevant literature to support Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity 3.0. For each identified topic, highlights from the literature are summarized followed by select references. Additional references from leading researchers who have helped to shape our understanding of athlete development and high performance sport are packaged at the end of the document.

This resource may be used by anyone wishing to know more about the underpinnings of Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity—the personal, organizational or system factors that bring Long-Term Development to life in all sporting and physical activity environments.

We encourage all readers to understand the landscape of athlete development, high performance sport, and quality involvement in physical activity is ever-changing—most data, findings, conclusions and interpretations are not universally accepted—there are many different ways to build a champion. Use this bank of information to inform your thinking, actions and discussions with others. Be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking about this exciting area of Long-Term Development.

Download the Handbook of References here.

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