Monthly Archives: December 2019

Canadian Safe Sport conference to be held in 2020

When it comes to ensuring that athletes are free of discrimination and abuse, Canada is a global leader. Quebec in particular has been at the forefront of implementing safety measures, creating a blueprint that is now being used worldwide. Moreover, Sport'Aide  a Quebec organization at the heart of this excitement - will host the second…
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Sport for Life mobilizes Inclusive Physical Literacy

Sport for Life is putting together a special team. If sport and physical activity organizations across the country want to get serious about physical literacy development for participants with disabilities, then our PL 501 -- Inclusive Physical Literacy workshop is the perfect place to start. And now we’ve trained six new learning facilitators to continue…
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Developing Physical Literacy, Take two!

Physical literacy is a journey, not a destination, which means you can spend your whole life developing it. In Sport for Life’s latest resource Developing Physical Literacy: Building a New Normal for All Canadians, movement enthusiasts can find plentiful information not only on how to move, but how to get others moving as well. “We…
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