Sport for Life Advances Long-Term Development in Bermuda

Richard Way, CEO of Sport for Life, and Tom Jones, Director of Community and International Engagement, recently visited Bermuda, marking their third trip to the mid-Atlantic island. They aimed to assist the island’s National Sport Governing Bodies (NSGBs) in designing and improving participants’ Long-Term Development (LTD) pathways.

Bermuda’s Strategic Objectives

This initiative aligns with the Bermuda government’s five strategic objectives from its latest National Sports Policy:

  1. Increase participation,
  2. Achieve sporting excellence regionally,
  3. Improve access to sports facilities,
  4. Increase the value of sport, and
  5. Establish a framework for talent development.

By leveraging Sport for Life’s global leadership in LTD education, Way and Jones collaborated closely with governing bodies to develop detailed frameworks that support a participant’s journey in their respective sports.

Engagement and Progress

From November 28 to December 1, 2023, the duo engaged with most of the 27 national governing bodies, evaluating progress, uncovering opportunities, and addressing the unique challenges within each sport and the broader sports landscape in Bermuda.

“We are pleased with the progress made on this project to develop sport-specific LTD frameworks in Bermuda and look forward to the final steps of our collaboration with the National Sport Governing Bodies and the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation,” Jones said.

Bermuda’s Sporting Excellence and Community Engagement

Celebrated for its exceptional athletes like Flora Duffy, the 2021 Olympic triathlon champion, dedicated coaches, and world-class facilities, Bermuda benefits from a robust sports club network, particularly in cricket and football. The island’s favourable climate, quality education system, and stunning natural environment further contribute to its sporting success.

During their visit, Way and Jones participated in an NSGBs meeting and led discussions at a national high-performance town hall attended by Bermuda’s Minister of Sport, Owen K. Darrell. These sessions underscored the collaborative spirit of Bermuda’s LTD initiative, aimed at documenting and sharing LTD frameworks to enhance advocacy for sports within the government and foster strategic planning and cooperation among sports organizations.

Looking Forward

Expected to conclude in Spring 2024, the LTD project will feature virtual check-ins in January 2024 before Sport for Life’s final visit and celebration ceremony. The Bermudians’ warmth and enthusiasm and the island’s natural allure have made this project a rewarding experience. Sport for Life extends its gratitude to Bermuda and eagerly anticipates continued collaboration in sports development on the island.

“Thank you, Bermuda! We’re excited to continue supporting the growth and success of sports development on the island,” concluded Way.

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