Monthly Archives: May 2020

Poco Active makes physical literacy a priority by engaging health sector

It was the best idea he’d heard in a long time. Ryan Clark is the executive director of the Poco Sport Alliance, so he’s not a fresh face to sport management. But when his community was selected as part of the Physical Literacy for Communities-British Columbia Initiative (PL4C-BC) in 2018, he was thrilled by the…
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The Quality Sport for Communities and Clubs tour

The Sport for Life team completed a four-city tour of Alberta this year, mobilizing the Quality Sport for Communities and Clubs (QSCC) resource and workshop as part of a pilot project. Funded by Makadiff Sports, an Alberta-based not-for-profit organization created to encourage the growth and development of amateur sport, Richard Way and Lea Wiens visited…
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Edmonton mobilizes Long-Term Development

Edmonton is committed to providing athletes with a pathway from grassroots to high performance while advancing opportunities for all, as part of the city’s continued efforts to implement long-term development into their everyday operations. A large part of that means investing in sport and recreation facilities. “All of our many local sport organizations are members…
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National Health and Fitness Day gets Canadians moving

Get up, get out, get active! Canadians may still be homebound as part of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that’s not stopping them from getting moving. This year’s seventh annual National Health and Fitness Day (NHFD) has gone virtual, and organizers are challenging everyone to find a fun and safe way to get some exercise on…
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