The Situation in Canada By 2030, immigration will account for all of Canada's net population growth. Cities across Canada are being transformed by immigration, and these demographic trends will undoubtedly impact Canadian sports. Grassroots and professional sports organizations need to find ways to appeal to this diverse new audience. How Sport for life Supports Newcomer Sport…
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Indigenous Peoples

[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] The Situation in Canada Sport means different things to different Indigenous peoples and groups. For many Indigenous peoples, the primary purpose of sport is to build self-esteem among youth. Sport and activity gives youth a sense of purpose and direction, and, in some cases, helps them to engage in more appropriate activity…
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Health Practitioners

The Situation in Canada People living physically active lifestyles will lead to healthier communities through injury prevention and general health and wellness. The overlap between the sport, recreation, education, and health sectors not only helps with the integration of facilities and the delivery of quality sport and physical activity programming, but it ultimately leads to…
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