Quality Sport

Quality Sport

Imagine a higher percentage of children and youth choosing to stay active through the school years. Imagine a higher percentage of adults and seniors pursuing a sport of their choice or being physically active for life. A successful, positive experience in sport can make that happen.

The goal of quality sport is to create positive experiences in supportive environments. Ultimately, if sport participation and physical activity isn’t fun, progressive, positive, or welcoming, children, youth, and adults alike will turn to other activities that may be much less healthy.

Quality sport is developmentally appropriate, safe and inclusive, and well run. Another way of saying this is that quality sport consists of good programs, led by good people, in good places.

Good programs are:
  • participant centered,
  • progressive and challenging,
  • designed with planned and meaningful competition.
Good people include:
  • trained coaches, officials, instructors, and teachers,
  • knowledgeable parents,
  • supportive partners,
  • responsible leaders.
Good places are:
  • inclusive,
  • welcoming,
  • fun,
  • fair,
  • holistic,
  • safe.

Simply put, improving the quality of sport means more physically active kids and adults, holistically developed. Healthy individuals, in turn, can make positive contributions to society.

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