Recreation Professionals

The Situation in Canada

In the past, the sport system has been divided into silos of program delivery: recreation, sport clubs, and physical education in schools. With many different institutions, agencies, and groups involved in delivering sport and physical activity programming, it makes program delivery and participation expensive and inefficient.

Cooperation and joint action between recreation services and sport groups can lead to programs developing physical literacy and encouraging Canadians to be active for life. Whether it’s programs that support physical literacy for children, greater opportunities for adults and seniors to pursue lifelong physical activity and wellness, or innovative approaches to facility usage, each sector recognizes that the others have something unique to offer, making the collective stronger and more positive for everyone in the community.

How Sport for Life Supports Recreation Professionals

Under the Canadian Sport for Life—Long-Term Development Framework, recreation works together with sport to harmonize programs and create a more effective system for every citizen in Canada. Sport for Life supports recreation, education, and sport clubs to coordinate their efforts for the greatest welfare of the children in their programs.

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