The Situation in Canada

Kids who have fun playing a sport or taking part in physical activity are more likely to stay active and healthy for their entire lifetime. They are likely to develop a higher level of physical literacy and also have a better chance to pursue excellence in sport. Designed properly, children’s sport can be fun, while providing exciting challenges and rich skill development.

If we make it fun, challenging and instructive, we can expect three results:

  1. More of our children will develop a higher level of physical literacy.
  2. More of our children will stay physically active throughout their lifetime.
  3. More of our children will reach the top ranks of amateur and professional competition if they choose the path for elite training.
How Sport for Life Supports Parents

Sport for Life aims to increase the quality of sport and physical activity and ensure these activities are more fun for kids. The goal of Sport for Life is to focus on the best interests of the kids themselves – which means sport and physical activity is developmentally appropriate, safe and inclusive, and well run – and not on the goals of coaches or parents who simply want to win at all costs.

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