Adapted PLAY

Everyone has the potential to be physically literate, including people with disabilities.

That’s why Sport for Life has developed the Adapted PLAY assessment, in which a trained professional can assess a child’s level of physical literacy. Developed by physical activity experts, the assessment takes the learner through 5 fundamental movement tasks, which can be completed with or without the use of a mobility device like a wheelchair.

The tasks children will be asked to complete include travelling to a stop (locomotor), object control (sending), object control (receiving), balance and body control (lift and lower), balance and body control (dynamic balance).

With the help of a trained professional, you can gain insight into a child’s skill levels. That includes their strengths, their limitations and their opportunities for development. The information gleaned from the process will help you establish a baseline understanding of their current level of physical literacy, while giving you an opportunity to create goals and track improvement. From there, you can work with the child to pursue those aspirations.

We believe that by giving choices and options in what assessment tasks are appropriate for a child or youth with a disability based on their own unique physical literacy journey supports a more holistic approach to movement – exactly what physical literacy is all about.

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