AFL Canada teaming up with PLAYBuilder

Australian football is quickly growing in popularity in Canada, and will reach many new players thanks to a partnership with PLAYBuilder

This year, AFL Canada and Sport for Life are teaming up to give Canadian teachers, junior coaches and leaders greater access to programming that will introduce the sport to new players.

“Australian football is certainly becoming more and more recognizable, with more leagues popping up all the time. The pandemic obviously didn’t help but we were able to bounce back stronger with the addition of various leagues and clubs,” said Jacob Haeusler, Executive Director for AFL Canada. 

“We’re now in eight provinces, with 40+ clubs and in-school programs that deliver to over 5,000 kids in 2021.”

Sport for Life’s goals of promoting physical literacy and quality sport match up with AFL Canada’s objective of promoting the sport throughout the country. The PLAYBuilder app allows users easy access to resources to run practices and introductory sessions. AFL Canada decided to create four different programs broken up into four categories: Kindergarten to Grade 2, Grade 3 to 5, Grade 6 to 8 and high school. 

“It’s super simple, and the platform is really user friendly, so once all the resources were provided to me and we had everything in line, it was awesome. As a teacher using it, I can say it functions as an app and I can make my own playlists, so the usability is great,” Haeusler said.

“AFL Canada is extremely excited about the partnership with Sport for Life and the potential to increase the number of teachers and junior coaches of Australian Football across Canada.”

Click here to learn more about PLAYBuilder. If you’d like to learn more and access the AFL Canada pack, contact

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