Celebration of an exceptional collaboration: Pierre Morin and Sport for Life

After years of leadership within Réseau Accès Participation (RAP), our partner and friend, Pierre Morin, has recently embarked on a new adventure as he stepped down from his role as Director of Operations, marking the beginning of his retirement journey. 

As we start the next chapter of our partnership with RAP and work with Pierre’s translation company, Resonance Strategies, we want to express our gratitude for his contributions and commitment to our work with Francophone communities. We also want to acknowledge that Pierre has found a great successor in Mariane Parent, who continues to innovate, grow, and bring enthusiasm and vision to our endeavours, ensuring the legacy he built continues to thrive.

“Working closely with Pierre has been an amazing experience. His dedication and passion have been a source of inspiration,” Kim Samson, project manager at Sport for Life, said.

The partnership between Morin and Sport for Life played a pivotal role in promoting physical literacy and quality sport in Quebec. “Together, we’ve written a remarkable story of collaboration, dedication, and transformation,” CEO Richard Way said. “Thank you, Pierre, for your work.”

Though there have been many significant moments in this collaboration, the co-organization of the Summit in Gatineau and Quebec for Francophone sports leaders stands out. “When I first attended the Summit in Gatineau, we had a few French presentations but not a lot of attendees. Over the years, and with Pierre’s support, we decided to organize and introduce a Francophone day to the Summit as more and more French-speaking people began coming.” Samson said. “Our most recent Summit in Montreal had an incredible 170 Francophone delegates!”

Pierre’s translation services also extended our outreach to Francophone communities nationwide. Their linguistic expertise ensured clear communication, making our resources accessible to all.

We will miss Pierre’s strength of character, dynamism, and humour. “I always loved connecting with Pierre. Even during discussions about important projects, he had a way of making us laugh. I will also miss his guidance and knowledge,” Samson said.

The influence he leaves behind will last, and his presence will be missed in our upcoming projects. We send him our best wishes as he enters this new phase of life. May it be filled with joy and enjoyable moments.

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