#CommonwealthMoves initiative mobilizes PLAYBuilder content

This year’s pandemic brought a lot of people’s lives grinding to a halt, and the Commonwealth Moves initiative wants to get them moving again.

The Commonwealth Secretariat has teamed up with organizations like Sport for Life to reboot the sector in this new COVID-19 reality, and is promoting PLAYBuilder as a key tool in the rebuilding process.

The pandemic has exacerbated and highlighted an existing problem – a global population that was spending way too much time sitting and not enough time moving,” reads the Commonwealth Moves website. 

“This silent ‘pandemic’ of immobility has had devastating effects on our health, contributing to a rapid rise in Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.”

The initiative is buoyed by the research and resources of a number of quality sport and physical literacy experts, including Move 4 Life and Coaches Across Continents,  and is designed to create a sector and populations that are resilient enough to navigate future pandemics. It aims to support countries in creating and modifying their policies and modes of delivery so that they comply with social distancing, hygiene and safety protocols.

As part of the push to get coaches, instructors and teachers the resources they need, PLAYBuilder lesson plans were shared through the initiative’s website and the software was promoted through their channels with a promotional video. It empowers teachers to create their own curriculum content, use or adapt existing content, or share it with others. 

“Our PLAYBuilder partners around the world and locally have shared with us the importance of pivoting their programming digitally. PLAYBuilder has been their chosen digital solution to scale, mobilize, and curate quality content to their stakeholders fingertips,” said Billie Tes, Coordinator of Digital Services at Sport for Life. 

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to team up with Commonwealth Moves to further mobilize this amazing software all over the world.”

Find more information at thecommonwealth.org and thecommonwealth.io

Join the conversation at #CommonwealthMoves.

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