Dr. Amanda Visek to give keynote address at 2018 Sport for Life Canadian Summit

Victoria, B.C. – It is no secret that kids who enjoy playing sports are likely to stick with them longer. The challenge is trying to determine exactly what it is that makes sport and physical activity fun for kids. Until now, that is. Through the FUN MAPS – the first-ever fully conceptual framework for optimizing youth’s positive sport experiences in childhood and through adolescence – Dr. Amanda Visek, PhD, CMPC, CC-AASP, has discovered how to identify the exact determinants of what makes sport fun. The Sport for Life Society is excited to announce that Visek will give a keynote address at the 2018 Sport for Life Canadian Summit, which takes place in Gatineau, Quebec from January 23–25.

This year’s Summit seeks collaboration within the sport system and across the recreation, education and health sectors in order to give participants the best possible chance to succeed. Dr. Visek’s work in sport and physical literacy embodies the theme of the 2018 Summit, Working Together. A sport scientist and Associate Professor at The George Washington University, Department of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences, Milken Institute School of Public Health, Dr. Visek’s federally funded applied research includes the FUN MAPS – the latest sport science advancement capturing attention from local grassroots communities to national and international sport organizations.

She has authored over 25 peer-reviewed papers, seven book chapters, and delivered more than 118 refereed and invited talks. Her work has been featured in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Poland, and India. The recipient of early career achievement awards from the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and the American Psychological Association’s Division 47, Dr. Visek is committed to leveraging children’s physical literacy via the most fun sport experiences possible.

Registration for the 2018 Sport for Life Canadian Summit is open. For more information, please visit sportforlife.ca/summit/.

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