Fillactive launches its brand new podcast for parents, “À chacune son terrain de jeu”, about physical activity for teenage girls

As part of the Fillactive Wellness Program, powered by Beneva, Fillactive has brought together experts, athletes and public figures to discuss physical activity for teenage girls. At Fillactive and here at Sport for Life, we know that being active on a regular basis is a wonderful and recognized tool for preventing stress and managing anxiety.

Fillactive offers practical tips for parents of girls of all ages in five podcast episodes. The guests share their thoughts and knowledge with host Émilie Duquette and Geneviève Leduc, Ph.D., Fillactive’s specialist in physical activity for children and teens, on everything from schedule management and performance stress to an intuitive approach to movement and the social aspects of sports.

“À chacune son terrain de jeu” consists of five episodes:

  • Who has time to be active? With Geneviève O’Gleman, Sylvie Bernier and Lysianne Vallée.
  • Is sport stressful or good for you? With Dominick Gauthier, Chloé Dufour-Lapointe and Amélie Soulard.
  • Developing the pleasure of being active in early childhood. With Édith Cochrane, Mariève Blanchet and Nancy Forest.
  • What is the intuitive approach to movement? With Karine Paiement, Karah Stanworth-Belleville and Chloé Rochette.
  • What motivates teenage girls to be active? With Isabelle Doré, Simon Brinck Boucher and Joëlle Bourdeau.

As Geneviève Leduc points out, this podcast is an opportunity for parents of teenage girls to “take the time to reflect on what goes on in girls’ bodies and minds, from early childhood onwards, that leads them to persevere or give up” on physical activity.

What is Fillactive?

Based in Quebec, Fillactive is a charitable organization with a mission to get teenage girls active for life by encouraging them to practice sport and physical activity differently. The organization reaches more than 9,000 teenage girls aged 12 to 17 every year, offers its services in the form of extracurricular activities in 300 secondary schools in Quebec and has had a positive impact on more than 220,000 girls since it was founded in 2007.

To find out more about Fillactive, click here.

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