International Physical Literacy Conference 2019 in Winnipeg

Sport for Life is thrilled to be hosting the International Physical Literacy Conference 2019 in Winnipeg, bringing together delegates and subject matter experts from around the world to discuss how to further mobilize physical literacy knowledge.

Held from May 7 to 10, the conference’s theme is “Moving Forward Together”. We’ll be discussing physical literacy in a variety of contexts, looking at is as a fundamental human right. We’ll examine its impacts on health, wellness and education, discuss how physical literacy learning can be made more inclusive, and lay out frameworks for people of all ages to remain active throughout their lives.

While at the conference, attendees will get the chance to network with professionals from the education, health, recreation and sport sectors. We believe this is crucial, because promoting physical literacy learning is a multi-sectoral endeavour that aims to reach people from all different walks of life. We’ll discuss ways that we can help one another, reaching across boundaries, to create lifelong physical literacy journeys for everyone.

For more information and to read the full schedule, visit

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