Launch of the Sport for Life Online Campus

Toronto, ON – The Sport for Life Society is excited to announce the launch of the Sport for Life Online Campus featuring self-paced courses that can be accessed any time, any place helping to reduce some of the time and money associated with travelling to participate in learning opportunities.

Through our online campus learners will be able to access courses anywhere, anytime without geographic limitation, travel, or need to take time away from work to complete. The self-paced learning in the courses enables participants to learn at the rate best for them. Start or continue your learning about physical literacy, quality sport and Long-Term Athlete Development through the online campus.

Today, we launch our first course, An Introduction to Sport for Life as part of a long-term strategy aimed at providing practitioners and policy makers access to quality tools, resources and educational opportunities to advance physical literacy and quality sport. Over the coming weeks and months, the campus will be evolving from an English only access point to register and complete a single course, to a reasonably priced, dynamic bilingual platform which provides access to a number of different learning opportunities. It will also include an extensive resource library as well as an interactive activities database and lesson planning tools.

 An Introduction to Sport for Life will introduce and reacquaint participants with the key components of the Long-Term Athlete Development Framework and will inform learners about the characteristics of quality sport and physical activity programs that develop physical literacy, support sporting excellence, and encourage physical activity throughout the lifespan.

The course will help participants reflect on strengths of their current programs and provide resources to support gaps in current programming and is well suited for leaders who are new to sport and those who have had limited exposure to the Long-Term Athlete Development Framework over the past 3 to 5 years. This would include but not be limited to new National and Provincial-Territorial Sport Organizations board and committee members, staff, sport officials as well as members of club boards of directors, particularly those without a technical background. While also relevant for parents and coaches, they would be considered secondary audiences for the course.

Once a participant completes the entire course and passes each learning assessment, they will be able to download or print a certificate of completion and register for National Coaching Certification Program professional development points.

This project was made possible in part with support by the Government of Canada and a two-year, $414,900 grant made by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario (, in 2014. To learn more about Sport for Life Online Campus visit: Direct any questions to

Sport for Life Society

The Sport for Life Society is recognized as the global experts on the Canadian Sport for Life Movement, Long-Term Athlete Development, and physical literacy development. The purpose of the Canadian Sport for Life Movement is to improve the quality of sport and develop physical literacy. Sport for Life links sport, education, recreation, health and governments to align community, provincial, and national programming. Long-Term Athlete Development is a multistage training, competition and recovery framework guiding an individual’s pathway through sport and physical activity from infancy through all phases of adulthood. Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility to be active for life. Sport for Life, as a social enterprise using Long-Term Athlete Development and physical literacy, works to be a catalyst for positive change.

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Tyler Laing
Communications Coordinator, Sport for Life Society

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