New eLearning course aims to help organizations recruit and retain volunteers

It can be tricky to source reliable volunteers, and even trickier to keep them involved in your organization. Whether you’re working in the sports world or elsewhere, Sport for Life’s new eLearning resource Recruitment and Retention of Volunteers contains tips for how to make the best of your volunteer situation.

“We’ve long known that many crucial sport and physical literacy organizations rely on volunteers, and with our new eLearning course we provide insights into how to run a successful volunteer-based organization,” said Zac Andrus, Senior Coordinator of Digital Services at Sport for Life.

“Users will be taken through a simple seven-step process that covers everything from orientation to technology and training. It will help you smooth out the organizational wrinkles and streamline the process so that quality volunteers are valued and embraced.”

This course is just the latest way Sport for Life is working to see quality sport ideals incorporated into the operations of sports organizations both in Canada and abroad. It will provide decision-makers with the information they need to make informed decisions and mobilize the right people for the right purposes. 

“Volunteers make a huge impact both on the organizations they serve and on the athletes involved,” said Andrus. “We want to make sure that impact is a positive one.”

Other courses that community and local sport organizations may find beneficial include:

  • Risk Management in Sport
  • Effective Communication
  • Effective Board Governance
  • Cultural Awareness in Youth Sport

These courses were developed in partnership with Community Sport Councils of Ontario and Brock Centre for Sport Excellence and can be found here.

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