New learning facilitators recruited through Sport for Life’s Education Series

The team of learning facilitators qualified to deliver Sport for Life workshops country-wide continues to grow, aided by the recent success of the Education Series in June. Over 50 new facilitators have completed the onboarding process, bringing them one step closer to reaching participants with learning opportunities such as:

“We continue to build our team of learning facilitators from coast to coast to coast, and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome these new recruits. The workshops they lead will help us to continue building a culture that values physical literacy and quality sport, and empowers participants throughout Canada,” said Senior Manager of Knowledge Scaling Thalia Moore. 

The Education Series resulted in 16 new learning facilitators being onboarded in Alberta, 14 in B.C., 10 in Ontario and seven from the Atlantic provinces. They can now lead specific workshops, with the most popular being Introduction to Physical Literacy; it now has 17 new learning facilitators qualified to lead it. 

“These foundational workshops lay the groundwork for all the important work that’s being done within the sport and physical literacy ecosystem to create an inclusive culture that encourages people to be active for life. Now that our team has grown, the impact these workshops has will grow as well. With more learning facilitators positioned in more places, we have the opportunity to reach an exponentially higher number of participants,” said Moore. 

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