Physical Literacy for Older Adults


This Sport for Life project was a partnership with the cities of Markham and St. Catharine’s, as well as the Town of Aurora and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. It aimed to increase awareness and education about physical literacy as it applies to older adult populations, and to build the capacity of those who work with them. Between February 2018 and March 2019 the project included four means of accomplishing these goals: education, training, assessment and program development. 


A new workshop called Physical Literacy for Older Adults was developed, piloted and implemented. As a part of the workshop development, there were two master learning facilitators and six learning facilitators trained to deliver the workshop. For assessment, a physical literacy assessment tool for older adults was developed and piloted. The tool was used to determine a baseline of level of physical literacy in the community. In program development, both communities started a program where doctors prescribe physical activity to their patients and refer them to a recreation centre in their community. The Prescription to Get Active Program was implemented in Markham and the Exercise is Medicine Program in Aurora. There were 93 prescriptions handed out as a part of the program during the project.


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Physical literacy for older adults workshop

This workshop is specifically designed to provide leaders who work with older adults (55+) with an increased understanding of physical literacy development. During this half-day workshop, you will take part in an interactive session that will help you to define physical literacy, the key barriers to participation for older adults and how to address them, and how to use the 5 + 5 program characteristics to design quality programs for older adults. By the end of the workshop you will know how to make modifications or create new physical literacy enhanced programs in your own organization.

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