PLAYBuilder crosses borders as two-year anniversary approaches

PLAYBuilder is nearly two years old.

Since being launched in early 2018, Sport for Life’s innovative curriculum app has been making waves worldwide. Through partnerships with organizations such as the New York Road Runners and Athletics Australia, allowing them to custom-design their lesson plans and easily distribute them to their staff and coaches. And as its two-year anniversary approaches, users are celebrating everything PLAYBuilder has made possible for them.

One of those happy clients is coordinator Cynthia Lee of Moresports. She loves how it has functioned as a physical literacy and quality sport lesson plan creator and organizer.

“A year ago, Moresports had 11 hubs all across Vancouver and had no capacity to share resources centrally. There were issues of being able to train staff on what and how to coach the basic fundamentals of sport to their children. Needing something to keep all their training resources available, Moresports came on board with PLAYBuilder,” Lee said.

“The ability to save lesson plans and activities and use those from year to year has helped us immensely as we transition new staff between our 11 Vancouver hubs. In the long-term we believe PLAYBuilder will also help us save money in that our updating of lesson planning content and staff turnover will be minimal.”

On the other side of the country, Halifax Municipality Recreation is also revelling in its newfound abilities thanks to PLAYBuilder. Ultimately, they believe the app will save them money according to community recreation coordinator Damion Stapledon, who was one of the presenters at the 2020 Sport for Life Canadian Summit.

“It’s estimated that current HRM Summer Rec staff spend 21 hours (3 days) on lesson plans. We are estimating that the time could be cut in half. This would result in a savings of over $40,000 for the year for our organization,” he said.

“Adaptation has also been a key feature for Halifax Municipality Recreation. Although it has yet to be set up for some activities – the potential is phenomenal. At a touch of a button you can make an exclusive activity, an inclusive activity.”

As more organizations explore how PLAYBuilder can transform their lesson-planning, Sport for Life will continue to add resources and improve functionality. Having feedback from these early adopters has helped the app evolve.

“The exciting thing about working with this app is seeing all the different directions our users take it. The possibilities really are limitless. With the enthusiastic feedback we’ve been receiving we’ll be able to further mobilize this app to organizations that really need it, and ultimately it’s the participants who will benefit,” said Billie Tes, Coordinator of Digital Services.

“We can’t wait to hear the stories of the experiences made possible by PLAYBuilder.”

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