PLAYBuilder Q&A with Amanda Kornaga of Good Spirit School Division

Amanda Kornaga is the principal at Good Spirit School Division in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.  She started using PLAYBuilder on May 1, 2020, to help support teachers with their lesson-planning for PE classes, help build the capacity of their division, and streamline resources. 

Sport for Life connected with Kornaga to hear how PLAYBuilder has been working for her school and educators.

S4L: What made you look for a solution like PLAYBuilder?

I wanted something that would help me support the teachers in my building, as well as division. 

S4L: Why did you choose PLAYBuilder?

I chose PLAYBuilder because it is a great platform for me to create lessons with and share with my colleagues. It also has a vast number and array of quality lessons and activities.

S4L: Did you intend to share full access to your members? If not, what were the reservations or limitations in sharing access to your members?

Yes, I intended to share full access to our members. 

S4L: What organizational processes does this software enhance? How much does it reduce the cost and time to complete these particular processes?

We no longer need to set up as many meetings or professional development opportunities to share resources. It also reduces the number of emails that go back and forth. 

S4L: Would you recommend PLAYBuilder to your peers?

Absolutely! This is a great resource for a K-9 PE teacher. As a high school PE teacher, I find that I need to look a little harder to find relevant, challenging material for that age, but the skill progressions and activities are great for weaving into lessons. 

S4L: How has the pandemic affected your programming, and has our software been helpful in mobilizing innovation?

Yes, it is difficult to have physical meetings so this has helped for sharing resources. It has also helped to streamline resources. When COVID first hit there were a lot of resources created and shared from a variety of people but they weren’t all credible. This has reduced the amount of time I spend sorting through sites. Thank you!

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