Present at the International Physical Literacy Conference 2023 New York

Sport for Life and New York Road Runners are excited to announce that after a two-year hiatus, the International Physical Literacy Conference (IPLC) is back and scheduled to take place May 1-5, 2023 in New York City! We are now calling on leaders from across the health, education and physical activity sectors to share their leading-edge work, inventive programming, best practices, research and/or findings at IPLC 2023.

The conference theme: Building a New Normal.

IPLC 2023 New York will both unite and empower physical activity leaders, health practitioners and educators to cross-sectorally dismantle norms and reshape our conventional approaches to address and adapt to current challenges, with physical literacy as the conduit. Since COVID has become a part of our reality, we have heard about this being an opportunity to reimagine and rebuild a more inclusive, collaborative and resilient society. Ultimately, to create a new normal – acknowledging that the existing global physical inactivity crisis was only exacerbated by the pandemic, combined with increasing negative impacts on mental health and well-being, social connection and learning. Physical literacy is human-centred, driven intrinsically by individual needs and abilities to develop confidence, competence and motivation to be active for life. Let’s collectively look from theory to practice to implementation, building a new normal where all citizens can enjoy greater health and well-being, belonging, and resilience.

IPLC 2023 will feature keynote speakers, individual presentations, panel sessions, interactive breaks and activities, and workshops. The streams to consider when submitting a presentation abstract include:

The Need for Physical Literacy: Why is physical literacy important? How has the need for physical literacy evolved throughout the pandemic? This stream will dive into theories and research on the importance of physical literacy, particularly in light of COVID-19, to increase physical activity, mental health and well-being, resilience, and positive health outcomes,

Equitable Physical Literacy for Life: How can we make physical literacy more equitable across the lifespan? This stream will explore inclusive physical literacy, uncovering both barriers to developing physical literacy and interventions designed to support low socio-economic families, BIPOC communities, women and girls, persons with diverse abilities, older adults and other equity-deserving populations.

Physical Literacy in Action: Where and how are we seeing physical literacy in action? This stream will share wise practices of the diverse environments in which physical literacy development interventions are taking place – from schools to parks and recreation facilities, to hospitals and health care spaces.

Physical Literacy Policy and Strategy: How can we embed physical literacy into the way we govern? What strategies can we employ to engage the leadership of various sectors? How do we ensure physical literacy is considered when we build environments? This stream will examine how physical literacy can be integrated into policy and strategies to improve wellness outcomes in health, recreation, sport, education and other sectors, including increased accessibility and equitable opportunities within built environments.

Physical Literacy Assessment: How do we measure the impact of physical literacy? This stream will explore the short-term and long-term assessment and evaluation of physical literacy, including the use of digital tools designed specifically to support physical literacy assessments, for diverse ages and abilities in multiple settings.

The presentation format descriptions to consider when submitting a presentation abstract include:

  • Quality Physical Literacy-Based Workshop: This is a 90-minute active workshop on existing quality physical literacy programs that have been developed and researched.
  • Individual Presentation
  • Panel Sessions
  • Citius Vocem: This is a short individual presentation with a maximum time of 4 minutes and 16 slides.
  • Poster Submission:Posters have the space of 4’x4′ and poster presenters are expected to be at their poster during the meal breaks and the social reception to explain their poster and answer any questions.

To submit an abstract, click here for the submission form.

Abstracts will be accepted until December 13. Early bird registration for the IPLC will open January 20, 2023. The IPLC homepage will be updated at:

If you have questions about the abstract submission process or registration, contact Sarah-Kate Burke at

If you have general questions about the IPLC, contact Chrissy Colizza at


The International Physical Literacy Conference

The IPLC is designed to bring together health, education, recreation, and sport experts to advance the knowledge, application, and implementation of physical literacy programming across the globe. The conference engages leaders, practitioners, and stakeholders of physical literacy from around the world in a truly collaborative environment.

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