Risk management course offered for sport organizations

There’s no shortage of risk when it comes to running a sport organization, so how do you plan for the future while also being prepared for the worst? With Sport for Life’s e-learning course, Risk Management in Sport, you’ll get a practical description of the risks you can anticipate encountering, and how to effectively plan to address those risks.

“Sport organizations that want to be proactive about risk management will be well served by this course, which covers all the basics they will need to know to minimize risk and maximize effectiveness. They will learn how to introduce Risk Management Representatives to their organizations at the club and the team level, which will help a variety of organizations,” said Zac Andrus, Senior Coordinator of Digital Services with Sport for Life.

The learning experience is self-paced, and ends with a multiple choice test. It takes the average user approximately half an hour to work their way through the course, which describes the best policies and procedures to implement if you want to create a safe environment not only for the athletes but also for the parents, spectators and anyone else affected by the program.

One of Sport for Life’s guiding principles is collaboration. We believe that individuals and organizations will deliver more quality experiences when they work together. This e-learning course will not only empower individuals within an organization to mitigate risk, but will also enable those individuals to work together and find new ways of improving their organizational systems through policies, procedures and practices for a safer environment.

“Once you are certified through the Risk Management in Sport course, you can feel confident that your organization has an understanding of how to keep your risk as low as possible. Whether you’re looking to mobilize Risk Management Representatives or looking to become one yourself, you’ll find this course extremely beneficial,” said Andrus.

To register for the course, visit https://sportforlife-sportpourlavie.ca/catalog.php.

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