2022 Sport for Life Canadian Summit changes date

*Please note, the dates in this article have changed from March 1-2, as was initially announced, to May 11-12.

We often hear about participants facing adversity in sports, finding ways to overcome it, then going on to accomplish great things. Their ability to overcome obstacles becomes as much a part of their success story as the victories they achieve. Adversities, ranging from the present global pandemic to the historical and current climate of systemic racism and discrimination present the current challenges and opportunities to begin crafting our own success story. 

At the 2022 Sport for Life Canadian Summit on May 11-12, 2022, let’s reflect—as individuals, organizations, and sectors—on where we were, what we have learned, and where we want to be. Let’s reconnect in meaningful ways, as connection fosters understanding, creativity and progress. And let’s reimagine a collaborative, resilient system where the sport, recreation, health and education sectors are truly aligned and working together to address barriers and strive towards quality sport programming and physical literacy development that is equitably available to everyone

With the continued uncertainty of COVID-19, and an intent to support more accessible events as an organization, Sport for Life is planning a simultaneous, multi-city event that will feature both live, local content (e.g., workshops, panels, etc.) as well as virtual content (e.g., keynote presentations and national addresses) that will be shared to, and connect, all of the host cities in real time. 

This multi-city event will be hosted in various communities across Canada, which will be announced on the Summit website in the coming weeks. 

For now, save May 11-12 in your calendars, and look for upcoming announcements from Sport for Life for a local event near you!

If you have any questions, please contact Tyler Laing: tyler@sportforlife.ca.

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