Sport for Life bolsters staff force with 12 new hires

The Sport for Life team is growing.

As the pandemic continues to disrupt the lives of Canadians, the work of improving the quality of sport and developing physical literacy continues. Our organization has pivoted to virtual work, so we’ve been able to fundamentally change our hiring practices to expand our scope, resulting in being able to work with team members from all over the country.

As we embark on a number of new initiatives, our Victoria-based non-profit has brought on 12 additional staff members who are located across five different provinces. This will ensure we have the staff in place to support each of our many projects.

“Sport for Life is very much like a team, and we’re proud of the players we’ve recruited to add to the existing group. Our vision has always been to bring together a group that reflects the rich diversity of Canada, and I couldn’t be happier with all of the talented people who will be working together in the years to come,” said CEO Richard Way. 

The additions to our line-up, including their title and where they reside, are: 

  • Hardeep Buttar (Senior Manager of Finance, Abbotsford, BC), 
  • Joe D’Eramo (Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives and Quality Sport, Surrey, BC), 
  • Liz Herbert, (Manager of PL4C Prairies and PLAY Assessments, Edmonton, AB), 
  • Tanya Labrecque (Manager of People and Operations, Calgary, AB), 
  • Gabrielle Nkouatchet (Coordinator of French Communications, Gatineau, QC), 
  • Patrick O’Hagan (Senior Coordinator PLAYBuilder and Events, Calgary, AB), 
  • Jeevan Parhar (Senior Coordinator of Physical Literacy, Surrey, BC), 
  • Deen Pawlik (Senior Coordinator of PLAYBuilder and Events, Hamilton, ON), 
  • Khalil Rehman (Senior Coordinator of Finance, Victoria, BC),  
  • Phil Rendell (Manager of Knowledge Scaling, St. Johns, NFLD), 
  • Jackie Sawicki (Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives, Victoria, BC),
  • Stéphanie St-Jean (Senior Coordinator of Communications, Long Sault, ON)

“We are thrilled these new team members have chosen Sport for Life for their employment. Every member of our team is dedicated to the same vision of creating physical literacy and quality sport opportunities that reach across boundaries. With the diverse skill sets and unique talents of these new staff members, we’re strengthening our ability to have a real impact,” said Billie Tes, Manager of People and Culture.

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds, and what this team will accomplish.”

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