Sport for Life debuts Catalysts for Change web page focused on equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility

Sport for Life is proud to announce the launch of its equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility (EDIA) web page, Catalysts for Change, which went live earlier this month. 

Sport for Life strives to be a catalyst for change within the sport and physical activity system. Aligned to our Sport for Life values of collaboration, integrity, and pursuing EDIA, to name a few, the organization has had the opportunity to work and partner with many groups to create and share resources that support equity-deserving groups.

Though Sport for Life’s has always intended for our work to reach equity-deserving groups and ensure everyone has a chance to become active for life, the creation of this new web page gives us an opportunity to share more specifically how EDIA concerns impact our work.

On the Catalysts for Change webpage, nine areas of focus are included:

  • Adaptive Sport
  • Anti-Racism
  • Equitable and Inclusive Hiring
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility
  • Gender Equity
  • Indigenous Inclusion
  • New to Canada Participants
  • Safe Sport

In aspiring to be equitable, diverse, inclusive and accessible, there is no one end point; instead it is an evolving, changing and growing ecosystem.  Therefore our choice of focus areas will continue to evolve, as will this webpage, as we continue to learn in this space.

“Equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility are all foundational elements of the work we do at Sport for Life, so it was long overdue to have a dedicated space online where we share our ideals and provide readers with the resources they need to offer quality sport and physical literacy experiences to everyone, regardless of their background or identity,” said Billie Tes, Manager of People and Culture.

“We’re so excited to finally share this web page, which features success stories from throughout the sport and physical activity sectors, and lays out a roadmap for what we hope to accomplish in the future. This work is not new. Equity-deserving people and allies have been working to eradicate systems of oppression for a long time, therefore it is a privilege to partner with like-minded organizations to continue this work now for the future generations.”

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