Sport for Life unveils Quality Sport videos

What’s the difference between sport and quality sport?

It’s more than just the extra word.

When it comes to the type of athletic experiences that Sport for Life supports, we’re always looking for three things: good programs, good places and good people.

It’s a simple formula organizations can implement into their existing infrastructure, ensuring that their athletes have the resources they need to succeed. Really, it’s just as simple as it sounds. It’s about taking your program to the next level.

To help bolster the progress that’s already been made with sporting organizations nationwide, Sport for Life has now unveiled a new Quality Sport section on our website where you can peruse videos, hear from experts and read up on all the latest innovations that are transforming traditional sport settings into quality sport environments.

Featuring interviews with industry insiders like Corey McNabb of Hockey Canada and Jadine Cleary of Canada Artistic Swimming (formerly Synchro Canada), these short videos will give you insights into both the work that’s already been done and the work we’ve yet to do.

Check it out for yourself at


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