Standing up at Sport for Life

If sitting is the new smoking, then Sport for Life wants you to quit.

Our Victoria office is now almost exclusively populated by standing desks, which can be operated with a crank, that give our employees a respite from hours of sitting sedentary in front of a screen. And the benefits are obvious.

“I wanted to make sure we were walking our talk when it comes to active living,” says Sport for Life CEO Richard Way. “I knew that it would be a worthy investment that would benefit my employees, and it’s proven to be exactly that.”

Standing desks have been shown to lower your risk of weight gain or obesity, lower blood sugar levels, reduce back pain, and improve mood. They also boost energy levels.

The staff have embraced the change wholeheartedly, having been successfully converted from their recumbent ways.

“I really appreciate that our organization supports active living at work. I’ve now been using a standing desk for three years and it’s so nice to have the option to sit or stand throughout the day,” says Emily Rand, Manager of Special Projects.

“I find it helps me stay focused, and it improves my posture and energy levels.”

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